It's all in the details

November 17, 2013 A great catalogue of the tiny design details that can make a big difference to a users experience.

All-New Etsy for Android App

November 10, 2013
I am extremely excited and proud of the newly revamped and completely redesigned Etsy Android app which we rolled out to the public over the weekend. After joining Etsy earlier this year our team set out on a project to bring the best of Android to the Etsy app. This included designing and building an app that was not only beautiful across multiple form factors, from phones to 7 & 10 inch tablets, but also included optimized screens for each. [...]

Vodafone Usage Unpublished

August 28, 2013
I have decided after much consideration to discontinue any further development and support of both the free and paid versions of the Vodafone Usage Android app. A recent change by Vodafone to their website has meant that the app is no longer functioning. As I’m no longer living in Australia or a Vodafone customer myself it’s become near impossible to provide support or further updates to the app. At the same time, since I originally built the app over 3 years ago, Vodafone have themselves come to the Android party and develop their own usage meter app. [...]

Dash 1.3 is out

August 3, 2013
Yep it’s here! This long awaited release of Dash for brings support for private messages. You can now chat privately with all your followers, anytime, anywhere. Better yet existing Dash Plus features such as push notifications for mentions and background updates of streams are now totally free for all. That’s pretty big news for all you Android fans out there. I’ll be expanding push notifications in the coming weeks to support private messages and more. [...]

Solving Solved Problems

July 29, 2013
Last week Google simultaneously announced and released Android 4.3. The release included a number of new features to the platform plus performance improvements. For developers it brings a number of new API’s. They also updated system images, build tools and the Android support library. The support library exists to bring backwards-compatible support to API’s introduced in new Android versions. Most notably this latest support library update included a new ActionBar class which allows developers to bring backwards compatible support for the ActionBar, introduced in Android 3. [...]