Manager Readme

April 1, 2019
Hello hello. I created this document for the people who work with me, new and old, to describe what I stand for as an engineering manager. Similar to a software readme, this doc should help you read me as a manager, understand how to interact with me (inputs) and what to expect in return (outputs). There are probably some bugs too. In the spirit of continuous improvement I always aim to acknowledge my flaws and improve on them. [...]

Etsy Local Goes Mobile

September 1, 2015
Last week my anxiety and anticipation was building, as a whole lot of work from a great team of individuals I lead at Etsy was just about to be released to the world. And that feeling is exactly what I get out of bed and go to work for. And then we launched the all new Etsy Local home screen tab on the Etsy app the iOS and Android! With Etsy Local you can find Etsy items and sellers near you, at events like pop-ups, craft fairs, and flea markets or local shops. [...]

Android & Design at Etsy

April 13, 2014
A few weeks ago my colleague Paul Lau and I gave a talk at the NYC Android Meetup. We wanted to share our Android teams product development process at Etsy. How we collaborate as designers and developers to be effective at product development while experimenting and pushing our app UX as much as we can. Etsy - Android & Design from Deniz Veli Our teams process is broken down into three parts each of which involve multiple iterations: [...]

Beautiful Android Design

December 28, 2013
I’m super excited and very honored that Google recently placed our latest Etsy Android app on a very short list of the best Android apps released this season. You can read more over on the Android Developers blog and if you haven’t yet been shopping on the new Etsy for Android app on your tablet or phone, this might be just the reminder you need.

Etsy Android Staggered Grid

December 27, 2013
Last week at Etsy we open sourced the staggered grid view from the new Etsy Android app. Somewhat surprisingly there’s been a large amount of interest from the Android community. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. Whilst working on various apps I’ve found it challenging to implement advanced UI elements such as the staggered or masonry grid. Thankfully I had the opportunity during a recent project at Etsy to implement this grid view that would support advanced features such as rows of varying heights & syncing row positions across orientation changes. [...]