Vodafone Usage Unpublished

August 28, 2013

I have decided after much consideration to discontinue any further development and support of both the free and paid versions of the Vodafone Usage Android app.

A recent change by Vodafone to their website has meant that the app is no longer functioning. As I’m no longer living in Australia or a Vodafone customer myself it’s become near impossible to provide support or further updates to the app.

At the same time, since I originally built the app over 3 years ago, Vodafone have themselves come to the Android party and develop their own usage meter app. For all those seeking alternatives I regretfully encourage you to download their My Vodafone app.

This was my first ever Android app. It has been a fun journey. I want to thank the over 70,000 users who have downloaded and used the app. To all those who purchased the paid upgrade thank you as well.

If you’ve made a recent purchase of Vodafone Usage Plus I’ll be happy to refund your purchase. So please contact me.