Dash 1.0 for

November 1, 2012
Over the last few weeks, while working on bringing the latest and greatest features to Hooha, I’ve kept a constant focus on user feedback. The biggest piece of feedback received was “Love the app, hate the name”. I felt this update released today, which brings the app out of beta, was an appropriate time to spend some effort on the brand. Working together with my good friend Toby Simm (Simmple) on branding and graphic design, I’m pleased to bring the new and improved Dash for App. [...]

Hooha Update

September 5, 2012
It’s been a big couple of weeks for Hooha. Last week Hooha for was released to Google Play, making it the first native mobile app for on any app store. Say that a few times quickly. Unexpectedly this resulted in a little bit of media coverage. I was interviewed for The Next Web. Soon after this was picked up by Engadget and The Verge. The Guardian mentioned Hooha in it’s 20 Best Android apps of the week and then again covering the Hooha release. [...]

Hooha for released on Google Play

August 26, 2012
Hooha (formally Jive), a new client built for the community from the ground up is now available for download from Google Play. Hooha is a beautiful yet simple, minimalistic app designed for readability, while making posting and sharing on from your Android device a piece of cake. What’s It’s a different kind of social platform. A real-time social service where users and developers come first, not advertisers. [...]

Say hello to Jive

August 18, 2012
UPDATE: Jive is no more. Our renamed app Hooha is now available on Google Play. Say hello to Jive, a brand new Android app for the brand new platform This is a very raw alpha build so please be aware the app is in no way complete. Then again neither is so lets just roll with it. Things Jive can do: View your stream, mentions and global posts. [...]

My Parx comes to Android

June 12, 2012
The Modern Ink’s been working with the team at Two Bulls to bring their unique parks platform app to Android. The app aims to stay true to the My Parx branding, provide all of the features of it’s iOS counter part whilst still maintaining a natively Android user experience. So what’s My Parx all about? My Parx helps you find and explore parks that interest you. Discover the secrets of your favourite parks through exploring up-to-date information, interactive maps, and personal guided tours - produced by those who know the parks best. [...]